Amax Leather Madison 100% leather 4 Piece Sectional Sofa, Grey

Transform your living Room with this 4 piece sectional it is absolutely gorgeous. create a room that brings everyone together with your family and friend, you will have plenty of room to stretch out while giving your room the ultimate in style.

“Madison” leather stationary collection is exquisite in design with full back and arm diamond tufting and brass nail head trims. The hand-finishing leather with multi-tone effect complements the overall rich look. This collection is not only about style, down feather seating cushions offer you lasting performance. There are four main characteristics or “blemishes” of natural leather: scratches, wrinkles, Insect bites and natural healed scars. This collection uses a unique hand-finishing leather upholstery. The intricate hand-finishing process results in a multi-toned leather color, which means the overall leather is not a solid color. It is a mixture of multiple color tones. Additionally, the hand-finishing process may expose the natural blemishes of real leather, and scars and natural lines may show. These “kisses of nature” enhance the overall appeal of truly premium leather. Dimension- LHF Loveseat: 50W 39D 31H inches, rug Loveseat: 50W 39D 31H inches, armless Loveseat: 39W 39D 31H inches, wedge: 50W 50D 31H. Leather swatch samples are available at no additional cost. Color as pictured may slightly differ from Actual product.

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