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Bluestone Can Enhance Indoor And Outdoor Home Decor

When it comes to using stones for home decor, bluestone and limestone are always considered superior to other stone products.

Although many people think what could possibly be very special about a stone, an architect or home interior designer will think otherwise. Stones are not just another natural compound that is readily available but it does have its unique identity. Stones like the bluestone Melbourne variety are used specially for rendering outdoor beautification. Some of the buildings or monuments built using the Australian bluestone include Dunedin Railway Station, HM Prison Pentridge, Timeball Tower, and St Patrick’s Cathedral among others.

Did you know, bluestones were first used around 2300 BC at the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England? Since then, it has come a long way and is being used for home design as it has the ability to enhance the overall decor. The Victorian bluestone or bluestone Melbourne variety is a type of olivine basalt stone that was considered as the most useful building material during the Victorian Gold Rush of 1850s.

Why Should you use Bluestone for your home?

The Victorian bluestone is a variety of limestone Melbourne that offers several benefits when it comes to home construction or design and beautification of home landscape. The bluestone is a natural stone that brings in a lot of character and texture to any project. Keep Reading

Beautiful Lighting – The Secret to Fabulous Home Decor!

Table lamps and floor lamps are versatile pieces that add style and drama while providing adequate light to any room.Browse through the Internet and choose the right type of lamps for your home and give a lift to your home decor!

When there’s no light, there’s no beauty. Even with the most luxurious rugs, elegant furniture and artistic accents, a living space may not be complete without proper lighting. So, make sure you include task lights apart from the general lighting to add more drama and flair to your home decor.

In case you don’t know, task lighting is all about adding light where you need it most. Table lamps and floor lamps are the best examples of task lighting. While table lamps light up the worktable for comfortable nighttime reading/computing, floor lamps add a warm, soft glow that gives a relaxing vibe to the room. Both these lamps are great for any room in your home. You can even use them to highlight a particular section of the room, say a piece of art or an object you want guests to look at!

Of course, these lamps add style and function to your home, but you need to choose the right ones to create the right impression. For a classic decor, go for large, tapering lamps with intricate detailing. Sleek lamps with minimalist designs and slim bases are perfect if you want to add a modern touch to your home decor. (A tip: Glass spells sophistication better than anything else). And be sure to co-ordinate these designer table & floor lamps with other components in the room. Remember, a uniform, well-put-together look always wins!! Keep Reading

How To Furnish Your Home

Great home furnishings make a great home. Upgrade your home with the latest home decor and home furnishings. Speak your mind by displaying the latest, stylish home decor accessories, and home furnishings in your home. Personalize your home with some splendid modern home furnishings. Look beyond the ordinary, and take your home to the next level of elegance. Enthrall your guests in a big way.

It’s very practical to select furniture and furnishings that you could use in any room in your home. Read these tips on choosing furniture and accessory pieces that can work well in small or large rooms, offer storage, and can be moved around the house when you need to.

Tips of Home Furnishing:

• If your new home is in a pre-planned community, check out the developer’s model home for pieces you like. They may be a bit worn, but often the developer will sell off the home’s furniture after a period of time. It’s a great way get room sets that are already coordinated.

• When furnishing a living room or family room, choose 2 loveseats rather than one huge sofa. They’ll be easier to move and can be used forming a corner seating area, opposite each other to create a conversation spot, or separately in different rooms of your home. Keep Reading

Home Eco-Décor Ideas

Over the last years, environmental-consciousness has become an inevitable part of our lives. When we buy household appliances we look at the Energy Star label, we get the funny spiral energy-efficient light bulbs and we separate the waste to recycle it. Home eco-decor is a relatively new concept that has also gained popularity. Here are a few ideas that will help you introduce eco-decor to your home.

When you start remodeling your home, or you are moving into a new one, you could easily upgrade it and use environmentally-friendly materials at the same time. The pure elegance of the organic cotton, the sheer functionality, and simplicity of the bamboo, as well as the creativity, put in the recycled items, will complement your interior design and reflect your desire to live green.


According to painters & decorators, organic cotton costs twice as more as the conventional cotton, yet it’s price is well deserved, since it has been grown without the use of pesticides and other non-natural means. There is a huge variety of items manufactured from organic cotton: towels, sheets, tablecloths, crib linens, bath mats and etc. While pure organic cotton products are available, you can also eco-friendly goods of blended origins like mixtures from organic cotton and linen or hemp. Keep Reading

Modern Home Decor Ideas With Modern Furniture

Your home should be a sanctuary where you return to unwind and relax any time of day or night. This however doesn’t come easy as you have to purposefully go out of your way to make it happen by working on your interior décor. This you can do by adopting a new scheme of home decor or improving on the one you already have.

Furniture is an important component of your home that is not easy to live without. Actually, it is furniture that is responsible for bringing character to your house interior by filling all the empty spaces. Furniture is also important in the sense that it is useful for achieving various ends. For example, couches and lounges are used for relaxation, chairs and sofas are meant for seating while wall units and drawer chests are used for storage. All these illustrate the indispensable nature of furniture in the day to day living.

It’s also noteworthy that furniture does not exist in isolation in the rooms they are placed in. There are also other decorative elements that in combination with furniture make your house room’s standout. It is these decorative elements that are called modern home decor. They include elements of room decoration such as wall colour and design, lighting and decorative accessories. Therefore, to come up with a great layout that is bound to remain exciting for longer periods of time; getting modern furniture will give you the best pieces to use in the home.

Furnishing ideas for modern furniture
Modern home decor is minimalist in nature. Space is well utilised with only a few furniture items placed in various parts of a room. With this type of arrangement, there is considerable use of accessories to achieve balance in the room. Some of the accessories used for this purpose are: lighting, wall decorations, rugs, vases, mirrors, mats, figurines and statues. For many people, the process of arranging all the items to achieve the best balance and appeal may appear daunting. But, you can browse for free ideas on the internet to use at home. Furthermore, acquiring modern furniture provides you with those types that are particularly suited for the modern home. You get spacious and comfortable lounges, entertainment units, recliners and wall units. Keep Reading