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Bluestone Can Enhance Indoor And Outdoor Home Decor

When it comes to using stones for home decor, bluestone and limestone are always considered superior to other stone products.

Although many people think what could possibly be very special about a stone, an architect or home interior designer will think otherwise. Stones are not just another natural compound that is readily available but it does have its unique identity. Stones like the bluestone Melbourne variety are used specially for rendering outdoor beautification. Some of the buildings or monuments built using the Australian bluestone include Dunedin Railway Station, HM Prison Pentridge, Timeball Tower, and St Patrick’s Cathedral among others.

Did you know, bluestones were first used around 2300 BC at the prehistoric monument of Stonehenge in Wiltshire, England? Since then, it has come a long way and is being used for home design as it has the ability to enhance the overall decor. The Victorian bluestone or bluestone Melbourne variety is a type of olivine basalt stone that was considered as the most useful building material during the Victorian Gold Rush of 1850s.

Why Should you use Bluestone for your home?

The Victorian bluestone is a variety of limestone Melbourne that offers several benefits when it comes to home construction or design and beautification of home landscape. The bluestone is a natural stone that brings in a lot of character and texture to any project. Keep Reading